Helping the driver drive business. The member network & driver network that rely on each other.Service rides to dispensaries under subscription service.Start your business today as a member or a driver. Members recruit and drivers service. You Start The Business We Provide the Infrastructure. The driver network fully services.The driver network is designed to establish a business relationship with members in the member network.Riders become aware of what your business has to offer such as your ride and independent services giving you an edge on the competition and showcasing what separates your contractor business from others and what makes it unique. Who is the best plug? This is a combination of sales and great customer service. Can you be number 1? Members make additional income when riders decide to sign up as a member and start their own independent business. Drivers in the driver network make income whenthe rider signs up for a subscription.Both the member network and the driver network make 75% commission on sales. The Member is responsible for recruiting and Driver is responsible for delivery of the ride and sell of the subscription. Both Businesses Have High Income Potential. We advertise your business directly to riders through marketing channels on major b2b platform and digital networks. We provide the driver network when you sign up as a member. The membership also allows you to recruit other members. Make a high income with this business opportunity. Spotlight your business with greenspaceb2b. Green Space Membership gets you consistent delivery of your clientele; rides for the clientele that you have established.